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Tropical Copra Meal
Tropical Copra Meal
Tropical copra meal is the by product and the residue after extracting the virgin coconut oil from the fresh coconut meat. Thus the residue will be dried and processed in to a livestock feed in different forms. Tropical Copra meal is a valuable feed for ruminants and can be used as a protein supplement for grassfed animals, either alone or in combination with other protein sources.
Varieties of Tropical Copra meal
Health Benefits to the livestock :
Dairy cows
Tropical Copra meal is a useful ingredient of dairy rations, supplying both energy and by-pass protein. A daily feed allowance of 1.5-2 kg has been recommended as the maximum safe amount Copra meal has been shown to be a suitable supplement for cows grazing tropical pastures in Fiji, where adding 1.8 kg/day of copra meal to the diet increased milk production by 70%. Cows grazing Napier grass (Pennisetumpurpureum) and copra meal, providing 300 g/d of protein, increased production by at least 1 kg/day .Copra meal could still replace sorghum grain and increase the fat content of the milk .
Beef Cattle
Tropical Copra meal is a good supplement for grazing steers. Steers fed up to 1 kg/day of pelleted copra meal had a much higher growth rate than unsupplemented animals. In growing steers grazing on giant stargrass (Cynodonplectostachyus), supplementation with copra meal gave higher growth rates than soybean meal .Steers grazing Imperatacylindrica supplemented with copra meal, alone, or treated with molasses and urea, also had higher growth rates.
Tropical Copra meal can be a suitable supplement for sheep and other ruminants consuming tropical pastures. Pelleted copra meal given to pregnant ewes increased birth weight of twin lambs, milk yield and ewe live weight after lambing.
Tropical Copra meal is often used as a protein supplement for grass-fed goats. Supplements containing up to 75% copra meal have been used successfully in goats fed Napier grass (Pennisetumpurpureum) Copra meal could also be replaced by 75% of dried brewer’s grains and could replace up to 50% of soybean meal for goats fed corn silage.
Tropical Copra meal may be an economical and valuable local feed for pigs that can be used to partially replace costly imported feeds such as soybean meal.
Tropical Copra meal can be a valuable raw material in poultry diets, because of its availability at relatively low cost in some contexts.
The physical presentation of copra meal has an important effect because it modifies bulk density. Crumbles, or coarsely ground pellets, appear to sustain a better growth rate than fine meal ( A general recommendation for using Tropical copra meal in broiler diets is to formulate feeds carefully, taking into account an evaluation of energy level (oil content). Presentation as crumbles or pellets is often preferred and increases feed intake.
Tropical Copra meal and coconut fibre are used in rabbit diets .Both products provide high level of fibre that is valuable for rabbits. While the level and quality of protein in copra meal protein are lower than those of soybean meal, copra meal may be a valuable and economical protein source for rabbits in areas where soybean meal is expensive .Copra meal is also a good source of energy for rabbits and its gross energy, crude protein and oil are quite digestible. Copra meal can have a positive effect on rabbit meat quality.
Horses and donkeys
Tropical Copra meal is reported to have specific benefits for horses due to its low starch content, high digestible fibre and energy from the oil.
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