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about us
Sun Group is the young and fast growing company in India. Holding the largest manufacturing Unit for Organic Neem and Organic Coconut based products. Always we have been a pioneer, be in creating products that have become iconic, or changing market trends altogether in organic range.
Profit comes from philosophy
At Sun Bionaturals, it's not just about the business. It's how we go about it. It's about the people. It's about the culture and ethics. It's also about sustainability and social responsibility. Our philosophy is built around our need to lead, our need to innovate, and our need to make the world a better place with a little contribution from us.
Our Business Statement
"We are in the business of organic world with our products, Bring the organic product for common man usage with common men cost through innovation and dedication"
Our Vision
"To be the leaders in our business. We will stand apart from the competition by being the first in the market to innovate."
Our Mission
"We will be the leaders in our business by - maintaining high quality, introducing new and innovative products, reaching every part of Global, remaining customer-centric, constantly upgrading our knowledge and skills."
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